Valentine Gifts He Wants

20 Last-Minute Valentine Gifts For Him (Except Boxers and Singlet)

Last-minute Valentine shopping for the significant man in your life is not hard especially after reading this list. In fact it’s actually quite easy to figure out what he wants and you can easily get any of these items under 24 hours. Now I’m not saying buying your man a pair of boxers or singlet when he needs it is not a crime. It’s just too cliche for a Valentine or Birthday gift. You can get him those as a random gift but not on special occasions. This list is not restricted to Valentine’s gifts alone, you can also use the tips to pick out an anniversary gift, birthday gift or even a random thoughtful gift for him.

The first step in picking out a perfect gift for your partner is you need to pick out something HE will like and not something you find cute or sweet. Keep in mind that you might not like the gift but your man will appreciate it. So how will you know what he likes, you can ask him or you can figure it out depending on the type of person your partner is. Is he sentimental or practical? Does he likes gifts that have emotional value or does he appreciate useful gifts that will come in handy?


book of love for him

If your partner is into sentimental gifts or really romantic then these gifts are perfect for him. Sentimental gifts are gifts that might not necessarily be worth something or useful but they carry emotional value.

1.  Make him a Book of Love: You could go traditional and make him a scrapbook of pictures of you together along with a list of reasons why you love him. They also make print illustration versions of these, so you can have it specially made.

2. Best Boyfriend/Husband Trophy: Nothing will make him happier than a Boyfriend of the Year Award or Trophy. And he can proudly put on his desk and at work to remind him to continue being the best.

3. His and Hers Gifts: His and Hers gifts are really cute and both of you get to wear them. They range from matching necklaces to bracelets, t-shirts, shoes or even wristwatches, just make sure they come in twos.

4. Send him a box of treats: Yeah, you’re not the only one who should get a surprise parcel at work. Send him a bouquet of chocolates or a box of his favorite treats.

5. Customized Gifts: For as low as #2000, you can customize a mug with a sweet message, a picture of his favorite sports club or a picture of you two. You can also customize shirts, caps, towels, shoes, the list is endless. 

6. Make a cartoon: Last Christmas, I was secret Santa to a male colleague and I made a toon of him as Black Panther and got it framed, all for 5k. Needless to say, he was very surprised and pleased.

7. A personalized couple calendar: A cute calendar with couple pictures for every month of the year, show me something sweeter?

8. Take him to the movies and dinner afterwards

9. Send a cake or cupcakes to his office

10. Hide in a wrapped box and surprise him when he gets home. 


men practical gifts wristwatch

The best practical gifts are the things he needs or has been meaning to buy for himself. If you have no idea what he has been meaning to buy then just check the list below and select a suitable one.

1. A clipper set.

2.  A pair of footwear or sandals

3. Sunglasses

4. A wristwatch

5. A good book (for readers)

6. A backpack or leather bag

7. A bottle of expensive wine

8. A new sports/exercise kit

9. A power bank or hard drive

10. Free lunch for a month

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