Restaurant Review: Dinner at the Orchid Bistro

I celebrated my birthday last month and I was treated to a fancy birthday dinner date with my boyfriend.  We both didn’t know where to go initially so we had to check for restaurants nearby on Google and finally settled on The Orchid Bistro. We’d both never been there so it took us a while finding the place. In fact, it’s almost as if they don’t want to be found. There’s no signpost or notice outside the place. So after driving into a different location and driving past the place by mistake, we finally decided to ask two men sitting in a shaded area which happened to be the parking lot of the restaurant.

I would say it was worth the wait finding it, because even before we entered, I fell in love with the cool, cosy and relaxed ambience. The actual orchids which the place is named after are in abundance and pretty too. I remember, taking off my heels after the dinner and walking barefoot under the short canopy of trees and feeling like a princess in a fairy-tale.  


When we entered there were only two other people there. A couple on a date probably. The staff especially the waiter attended to us promptly and was really conversational, persuasive, and polite. Especially when we had questions about some choices.



We ordered our main course then had drinks while we waited. I wanted a mango drink (Can’t remember what it’s called) but they’d run out of mangoes so I settled for a Mojito while my date ordered a tropical smoothie. Personally, I’m not a fan of alcoholic drinks and if I would take alcohol it has to be sweet. So I told the waiter that I’d never had a Mojito and if it contains alcohol it had to be sweet. Unfortunately it wasn’t sweet, maybe it’s the mint but it tasted like liquid toothpaste. I switched drinks with my date and the tropical smoothie was absolutely delicious.



For the main course, we ordered Stir fry prawns and rice with Pork chops and mashed potatoes. I don’t particularly like Basmati rice but this time, it was well done and tasted good. I especially liked the stir fry vegetables which had carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers, and succulent, juicy cucumbers. The cucumbers were my favourite because I didn’t know cucumber could be cooked and it tasted really good. I had a couple bites of the Pork chops, he liked it but I didn’t. 

Unfortunately, there was no room for dessert and I barely finished my meal. Maybe because we had to wait almost thirty minutes for the food to arrive, the smoothie had enough time to digest. I was already half full so I couldn’t finish my main course. Which was really painful because I had hopes on tasting the cheesecake for dessert.

At the end of the day, the damage was almost 20k for two main meals and drinks. My final take is the Bistro is small but really cosy and romantic. If you’re looking to go on a quiet date with little disturbance or interruptions this is the place to go. I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I barely took a few pictures. Next time, I’ll remember to have fun AND take more pictures too.


  • Polite staff
  • Worth the wait
  • Cool romantic atmosphere


  • Hard to locate
  • Food takes long
  • A lirru bit pricey


Total rating: 3.5/5

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