Quarter Life Crisis: 4 Tips on Dealing with Depression as a Young Adult

Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of weariness about your life and helplessness because you can’t do anything about it? No? Then why are you reading this?

Quarter life crisis is that time in your life between your twenties and thirties when ‘adulting’ starts to get really hard and you’re struggling with the transition into adulthood and adult responsibilities. Keep reading for tips on how to get over this feeling each time it returns, because it will.

Tip 1: Eliminate Triggers

There are many things that might send you careening into the seemingly unending spiral of depression and you have to watch yourself to avoid triggering these things. It might be a song, a habit or even something someone says to you. For me, I’ve noticed that sleep is one of my triggers. Sleep is very important and staying up a few extra hours at night to break that high score on Candy Crush Soda Saga is not only bad for your health, but it also affects your mental health. If you’ve been depressed lately, try to get more sleep and watch if anything changes.

Also pay close attention when you get bad moods, what were you doing right before, who were you speaking with. This will help you identify your triggers and hopefully eliminate them. 

Tip 2: Talk to Loved Ones

Sometimes as a young person, you get high hopes and unrealistic expectations about life. And when life suddenly proves to be a meanie you get hurt and fall into depression. Seeing some of your friends/peers doing well while you struggle with one thing or the other is not encouraging either. I remember thinking this same way about a friend of mine, I spoke with this friend and later discovered things weren’t quite as rosy as I thought. Everyone has it rough in one way or the other, comparison will only make you feel worse.

Instead, think about what you have to be thankful and confide in friends and family who will lift up your spirits. Sometimes all you need is a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. If you can’t talk to someone, try keeping a diary/journal. It works the same way, pour out your feelings and feel the relief afterwards.  

Tip 3: Find a Distraction

After pouring out your feelings, find something to distract you.  It could be music, gardening, playing games or watching funny Instagram videos. I have a few snails I take care of and feeding them and watching them eat has proven therapeutic to me in a weird way. I could sit and watch the little things munch on fruit for 30 minutes. 

For some people, doing house chores like washing dishes has a calming effect. Just find something to distract you from the dark thoughts and they’ll fly away after a while. 

Tip 4: Acceptance

There are days when you know exactly why you feel the way you do but it just weighs you down so much. On days like this, all you need is acceptance. Knowing that you’re only human and can only do so much. Accept it and embrace it. Accept that everything is fleeting in this world. Happiness, sadness, anger. You can’t hold on to either of these forever. They all come and go. Don’t make a decision that will change your life and others because of something that won’t last. 

Depression and suicide is real. If you ever feel like hurting yourself or know someone who feels this way. Call these suicide hotlines in Nigeria and remember, suicide is never an option. 

Lagos: 08058820777 and 09030000741 


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