Love and NYSC

Love and NYSC

A short story series about a lady’s encounter with love and finding out the true meaning of love during her NYSC program. 


PART 1: Love and Deployment


This is NOT a love story no matter how many times I use the word ‘love’. I know it’s a bit misleading, or maybe a lot, but if you ever come to think this is a love story then I’m telling you now that you’ll be wrong. Love is a joke told by life to amuse itself and this is a story about how life and love collaborated to make me the butt of this joke. It all started with Hello.

Hello Cafe is the only cyber-café on my off-campus hostel and that was where I met Michael. He had an interview in the area and forgot to print his CVs; and I came to type the last draft of my final year project in Unilag and somehow we started talking. I was immediately attracted to him and he was captivated by my beauty and wit. He collected my number and promised to call but I never got a call from him. After a few days, I waved it off and forgot about him.

Several weeks later, after my project defense, I was already packing up and preparing to move out of the hostel finally and go back home in a few weeks when I saw a missed call from an unknown number on my phone. If I’d known I’d never have called back that day. But I did. And it turned out to be Michael. He went on to narrate how he had lost his phone and finally got it back from a Good Samaritan. He also said he got the job at the interview and I was his lucky charm. He decided to pay me back for my good luck with a date later that evening. I was so excited.

You see, you might find this hard to believe but I’d never been on an actual date in my entire life. Being the first child of three; I’ve lived my entire life as a model child. I’ve had a few kisses and caresses here and there but never dedicated the time to pursue a non-platonic relationship with the opposite sex. Now at 23, a graduate I had my whole life ahead of me, why not start with a romantic dinner?

I proceeded to spend the next two hours scouring through my wardrobe for what to wear, I eventually picked a navy blue body-con dress with tiny straps. I did my makeup and looked at the result in the mirror.

The girl that looked back at me was absolutely beautiful. She was neither tall nor short, but averagely built. She had short dark natural curls and small full lips. Her lashes were long, with the help of mascara and her stubby nose was perfectly placed below two wide eyes. She turned and admired her side view. She was not very busty but her well-rounded ass jutted out as if it was struggling to escape from the dress.

Shola you’re very beautiful, I thought to myself, Yes, Michael is already mine.

And he was. From the moment he set eyes on me he couldn’t take his eyes off. I was also deeply infatuated with his looks; tall, light in complexion and heavily built. He had closely cropped black hair with long lashes fanning his face and dazzling white teeth with a tiny gap in the middle.

We went to an upscale restaurant on the Island to celebrate his new job. We talked about everything from his University days to my Kindergarten squabbles. He was 28 years old, the last kid of four boys. He was very engaging and a great listener. At the end of the evening it felt like we’ve known each other for years.

He offered to drop me back at the hostel and I agreed. After an hour we pulled up to the hostel parking lot and he parked.

“I had a great time tonight, Shola, I’m glad I met you”

“Me too”, I replied breathlessly. My heart was pounding, I knew he was going to kiss me.

He leaned towards me and held my face with his right hand as he pulled me in for the kiss. It started slow and innocent at first, then things started to get steamy.

He pulled away and whispered breathlessly into my ear, “Let’s go into your room”

I pulled back immediately, alarmed.

“No…we can’t”

“Why, is there a problem?’ he asked looking concerned.

I looked at him, fear in my eyes.

“Michael, there’s something I need to tell you…”


To be continued….next weekend. Stay tuned!

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