Short Story: Eméré – Spirit Wife

By: Oyindamola Abbatty


Synopsis: Kola’s wife goes missing on their wedding night. He finds out she’s a spiritual being, and in a true test of love has to figure out if he loves her enough to fight for her.

“True love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does”, my mother used to always say that before she passed away. A weird thing to cross my mind as I exchange my wedding vows, I muse. Then I look across at Lolade and all thoughts fly from my head, just my vows.

She looks intently at me as I recite them from heart and she looks so happy, except for…well maybe I’m seeing things but there’s something I can’t place in her eyes. Something bittersweet, maybe she’s going to miss her parents much more than I thought.

A few hours later of dancing and spraying money and another hour of crying and goodbyes, we pull into our honeymoon hotel parking lot, both giggling with happiness. I carry my new wife in my arms, all the way across the hotel lobby and up the stairs, into the massive suite we’re renting for the whole month.  

Again, something flashes across Lolade’s eyes. It’s unmistakable this time, I stop and cup her face in my palms.

“Lolade is there a problem? I waited a long time for this, and I can wait some more if you’re not ready. We don’t have to do anything tonight”

“No I’m not worried, I know you’ll be gentle. Go take a shower and freshen up, while I get out of this giant white dress”, she smiles.

I jump off the bed and give her a quick smacking kiss.

“Love you honey, I’ll be back in a sec”

I was going to take a quick shower but I’m so happy I start singing in the shower; 15 minutes later I hop out of shower hoping Lolade hasn’t fallen asleep yet.

But on getting into the room, she’s not there. Sprawled across the bed is her giant wedding dress.

Hmmm, so we’re playing hide and seek now, I see. I rub my palms in delight, I’ll enjoy catching and conquering my prize.

“Hey baby, is this how this is going down tonight? You better have a good hiding spot, because I’m coming for you!”

After a few minutes of searching the entire suite, I give up.

“Okay baby, you win. Can you come out now?”


“Lolade!” That’s weird.

I look under the bed, the cupboards, check everywhere again just to be sure. No Lolade. I start getting really worried. Did she go downstairs to order something? But that would be weird, she could have just used the intercom. That’s it, the intercom!

I rush to the bedside and dial the reception.

“Hi, I can’t find my wife. Did you see her in the last thirty minutes? Are you sure? Because she’s not in the room. Okay thank you.”

I sink to the floor in despair. What’s going on? Where could she be?

I begin to panic. I barely noticed I was wearing only boxer shorts when I rushed out of the room into the hallway, I start knocking frantically on any door I can see.  

“Please help, my wife is missing!”

Several doors later, the hotel security grab me and take me to my room.

“Keep calm sir, we’re searching the whole hotel as we speak. According to what we can see on the camera feed, your wife hasn’t stepped out of the room since you carried her upstairs. We’ve called the police, they’ll be here soon”

“Oh is that so. I see. If you people are not going to help me. I’ll find her myself. I’m not just sitting here and waiting for the police. Her kidnapper could be getting away as we speak.

I hurry back to my room, pull on some clothes, grab my car keys and rush down the stairs to my car.

“Young man, come here”, I hear a voice say in Yoruba. I turn around to see a young girl of maybe ten; she’s looking straight through me. It took me a few seconds to realize that she’s blind and can’t actually see me.

Probably one of those beggars, why would they let her into a place like this, I think to myself. Then answer her in Yoruba:

“Sorry child. There’s something urgent I have to attend to right now.” I say and turn back to my car.

“Kola. I said come closer” I turn back sharply at the sound of my name. How could she kno-

But on turning around there was no one there, I look left and round. No one. Strange.

I turn back to my car –

“Your wife is not missing. She left.” The girl appears in front of me.

“How did you-? Did you just say my wife? Who are you and what do you have to do with this?”

“Listen carefully if you ever want to see your wife again. Your wife is a spiritual being, she chose her wedding day as her happiest day and death day. She’s currently on the journey between heaven and earth as we speak. You have little time to reach her. Take this, that’s the key to the portal”, she says and hands me a small strange object wrapped in white cloth.

“An important warning, she must not set foot in heaven otherwise she’s gone forever. Do all you can to get her back. Good luck”, she says and vanishes.

I slump against the car in fear. What just happened? I sob silent tears. What did I ever do to deserve this?

Then I remember the strange girl’s warning: You have little time to reach her. I jump into action. I rush back to the hotel room to find several hotel attendants.

“Please, everyone. Leave now. I need some privacy.”

“Sir, we can’t leave you alone in this condit-“

“I said LEAVE! All of you, NOW!”

They file out of the room and I quickly lock the door behind me.

I look at the strange object in my hand.

Now how do I get across to Lolade with this?

I approach the huge bed, and stand over it.

What if this girl was lying? I’m a Yoruba man and I’ve heard about such things but could it really be true? Lolade will never willingly leave me. Maybe this hotel is a ritualist den and they’re trying to kill me.

I toss the strange object away from me as far as I can. I burst into fresh tears, pull Lolade’s dress from the bed towards me and inhale her scent deeply.

Then something dropped from the dress. I stoop to pick it up; it looks like a note. I instantly recognize my wife’s penmanship:


I know you must be confused. I’ve not been kidnapped, neither did I commit suicide. I never meant to cause you unhappiness. Every moment I spent with you has brought me nothing but pure joy.

But my time on this earth is up. No matter how much I love you, you can never give me complete happiness. It’s not in the human nature to love unconditionally, feelings change after a while. Therefore, I’ve gone on to my creator. I’ll experience true happiness in heaven.



No, no no….it can’t be true. The girl was right.

I dash to the other side of the room and pick the object, I squeeze my eyes shut tightly and whisper.

“Take me to Lolade”.

After a few seconds, I open one eye, I’m still in the suite. No supernatural realm, no Lolade.

Weird. Let me try again. I speak louder this time.

“Take me to Lolade!!” I keep my eyes open but nothing happens still. All of a sudden, light explodes in my vision. I seem to be standing in what seems like a long forked tunnel, with two sides divided by an invisible barrier. I’m not alone; hundreds of people are on two sides of the tunnel. One with bright light, the other shining as bright but with a reddish hue. I look around me but can’t find Lolade.

I start yelling her name: Lolade! Lolade, are you here?

I start getting weird looks from the people around me. I ask one young lady behind me,

“Please have you seen Lolade? She’s dark with a petite figure.”

No answer. The young lady keeps staring ahead like I didn’t say anything.

I’m on the red side of the tunnel, I start walking fast towards the red light, checking each face as I pass, all of a sudden, the people start getting restless and hostile. It started with a slight push as I walk past each person. Then someone shoved me, another slap from behind, very soon I’m surrounded by blows.

“Please no, stop! I’m only looking for Lolade. Lolade! Lolade!” I scream in vain.

Suddenly, a hand stretches towards me and pulls me out through the invisible barrier towards the white light. I cringe visibly expecting to be hit when –

“Kola, what are you doing here?”

“Lolade. It’s really you.” I start sobbing.

“How did you get here? You shouldn’t be here.”

“Neither should you, Lola. We just got married, you’re still a virgin. You’ve not even lived life. Why do you want to leave me?”

“You wouldn’t understand”, she says and looks away.

“Lolade, I say and turn her face towards mine. “I meant every word when I said I’ll love you till death do us part, why would you want to die on your happiest day?”

“That’s the choice I made with my creator. I saw how humans betray and kill each other, even those who claim to be in love. People are always happily in love until they get married. I chose to taste the happiness in life and move on to continue my happiness in heaven, before things get worse”

“Lolade you can have a happy life here, we’ll have kids, grow old together and come and continue in happiness after we die. I want to spend my life and my eternity with you. I love you. I love you and I will never stop loving you.”

She looks wistfully at the bright white light at the end of the tunnel.

“How did you get here?”, she asks.

“There was a young girl, she gave me this.” I say and show her the white object.

“Your mother”, says Lolade. “I should have known”, she smiles.

“I’ll come with you. I love you too, Kola.”

I grab her and twirl her around.

“You’ll never regret this. Now let’s get out of here. But before we do, we need an alibi. What do we tell the hotel staff and police?”

“I fell asleep in the cupboard during hide and seek?” she says and we both laugh.

“That’s as good as any lie. Now let’s go home and consummate this marriage, wife. And this time, I’m never letting you out of my sight.”

I carry her in my arms and whisper to the magic object: Take us home.


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