Conversation with a Male Nigerian Anti-feminist

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared a tweet with me. And it started off a discussion/argument about feminism. I’ve discussed this topic with a few male friends/acquaintances of mine and sometimes I’m still surprised when it reveals a lot about how many young Nigerian men view feminism.    Child of chimamanda on social media but […]

Quarter Life Crisis: 4 Tips on Dealing with Depression as a Young Adult

Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of weariness about your life and helplessness because you can’t do anything about it? No? Then why are you reading this? Quarter life crisis is that time in your life between your twenties and thirties when ‘adulting’ starts to get really hard and you’re struggling with the transition […]

Valentine Gifts He Wants

20 Last-Minute Valentine Gifts For Him (Except Boxers and Singlet)

Last-minute Valentine shopping for the significant man in your life is not hard especially after reading this list. In fact it’s actually quite easy to figure out what he wants and you can easily get any of these items under 24 hours. Now I’m not saying buying your man a pair of boxers or singlet […]

Yoruba wedding aso ebi

Before The Aso-Ebi: Yoruba Traditional Marriage in Ancient Times

Traditional marriage among Yoruba people today is nothing like it was in the past, today Yoruba Traditional Marriage is more or less a glorified Aso-Ebi show and not even considered a real wedding. A large part of the Yoruba culture has been Westernized and most practices are practically non-existent in this day and time but marriage […]

Love and NYSC

Love and NYSC

A short story series about a lady’s encounter with love and finding out the true meaning of love during her NYSC program.    PART 1: Love and Deployment   This is NOT a love story no matter how many times I use the word ‘love’. I know it’s a bit misleading, or maybe a lot, […]

Farabale Africa

Farabale Africa is Dishing Out 10K Weekly and Other Prizes to Writers This December

You can say Christmas is coming early for writers this December. Are you a writer and you’d like to win 10,000 Naira this week and coming weeks in December? You can in the #30DaysOfFlashFiction by Farabale Africa. The 500 word flash fiction contest which started this Monday 3rd December is still very much open. Submissions are open […]